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Hilarious new chart from @BIS_org showing survey results from governments worldwide on why they want CBDCs…


-Elimination of financial privacy
-Easier censorship/deplatforming
-Programmable *helicopter* money
-Preventing citizens from saving


NEW: Ontario government freezes Freedom Convoy millions of funds from GiveSendGo.

fixes this.

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This is why we have started a fund. To help the truckers and help the city. On our terms....not at risk of a centralized platform.

@NobodyCaribou @JeffBooth and I will hold keys to a multi-sig wallet. Stay tuned...

is twitter.com/disclosetv/status/

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"There are only going to be 21 million coins, there are billions of people in the world, some reasonable percentage of who might find it interesting to own a piece of Bitcoin." - B22 Speaker Adam Back

Stay humble, stack sats, abandon centralized social media. #bitcoin #mastodon

Well all my Twitter accounts were deleted w/ the excuse of evading a ban from the first one. all for supporting

“In recent years the communists' semantic innovations have gone even further. They call everybody whom they dislike, every advocate of the free enterprise system, a Fascist.”

— Ludwig von Mises, Planned Chaos


Global Communication 💬 🌎 t.me/+o1ATvoHD69IyZTQ0

American Convoy 🇺🇸 t.me/FreedomConvoyOttawaToDC

State Connector (comment your state & get dm’d your link) t.me/+gXypMfUAsOVhZDQx

French Convoy 🇫🇷 t.me/convoyFrance t.me/tousaparis

Italian Convoy 🇮🇹 t.me/destinazionebruxelles

Spain Convoy 🇪🇸 Https://t.me/freedomspain

Hungarian Convoy 🇹🇯 t.me/HungarianTruckConvoy

Portuguese Convoy 🇵🇹 t.me/DestinoBruxelas

Romania Convoy 🇷🇴 t.me/camioanele

Brazil Convoy 🇧🇷 t.me/convoy_brasil

"Imagine that you have (finally!!) been vaccinated for COVID-19 and you need to prove that to go somewhere — perhaps to enter an extended care facility, a hospital, or to travel to another part of the province or country. You need to have proof of having received a vaccination and a paper credential is not sufficient."

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I listened to the Once Bitten podcast today with @LaserHodl. It was my favorite in the series since I listened to the first with @martybent. I highly recommend it. Get ready to have your mind blown.


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