On Monday, January 17th, Michael Saylor will announce MicroStrategy has purchased approximately 3,856 bitcoin for $165M in accordance with their Treasury Reserve Policy.

Bitcoin is the answer for anyone in the world who simply can not afford real estate, let alone a bank account or get their hands on gold or equities.
In the 4th Turning it IS the only way people can protect themselves. 
Thank fuck for .
End of story.

Never forget - Pareto is fractal.

It's not 80-20. It's power law.

It's a tiny tiny tiny fraction that is most disruptive.

Why collectivism is inferior to individualism.


Why I don't care about mass-adoption of Bitcoin.

"Market size" is fiat blue pill.


Shit is hitting the fan everywhere. Fed has announced it is finally taking the foot off the juice in the biggest money printing scam of all time. Buckle up and think of bitcoin as gold and as a hedge for all the madness for the midterm, things are going to get rough. Mute the fud, some serious actors are don’t want it around.

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Thirty years ago you could jump on a plane with a paper ticket & no ID. There was no TSA - DHS didn’t exist. You could bring a gallon of water. Your loved ones could walk to the airplane gate and meet you at the gate with no IDs.

Don’t give up freedoms. Fight for them.

Based alpha absolutely bringing the wrecking ball down on school board...best vulgar display of power I've seen thus far.⚔️ 🔥

Weiland Bois en NodeRunners save the day!😂

Check noderunners.network/ voor al je content! 🔥🔥🔥

H/t @bitkontje 👇😂

It's been over 3 years since I was in a real construction site. Kind of missing it. Anyone building a citadel and need a hand?

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