@Full_node @Nakadai_mon @nvk We'll all be running our own Mastodon instances before too long. There's a module available on the Start9. Going to try to set it up this month and see how far I get.

I do declare my twitter days are coming to an end. The only reason I joined back in 2013 was to shitpost with Bitcoiners and confirm my conviction. Thanks NVK for opening this valve...and with great hopes we will continue this journey.

Do you agree that accounts who (only) #crosspost from #Twitter to #Mastodon should be marked as bot?

We’re fighting the centralized corruption of fractional reserve banking and emergent incentives that modern political theater is built on, not the USA. The USA is built on the constitution, not the dollar. Separation of money and state not destruction for destruction sake.

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Here it comes
The perfect day
When volume drops
And plebs array
To sit around and hear
What fellow cyberhornets
Have to say!

It’s happening, vol.10 is at citadel21.com 🐝🧡 with juicy cover by @BitcoinUltras ☝️

Check out this very personal and beautifully written post by @BitcoinUltras -- this gave me goosebumps. bitcoinfinearts.com/?page_id=3

📣 Let's do it

Operation Smash the Hedge Funds:

🔔 $1B Hedge Fund Shorts on CME

Daily RSI at Lowest Point since September

❗Market buy on Friday, Jan. 29, 12pm UTC Rocket

7:00am - NY
6:00am - Chicago
5:00am - Denver
4:00am - LA

I would greatly appreciate a like, a boost, and your support. If you own or know of any website that is listing Bitcoin-only businesses, please shoot me a link, so I can add my gallery.

All future revenue from the prints and merchandise sales will be used to buy Twitter ads for my gallery to help lead normies down the rabbit hole and take the orange pill after digesting the message from my art.

Revenue from the original art will go to improving my studio and adding equipment needed as well as manufacturing the initial batch of prints and merchandise.

All sales will come with an authenticity confirmation verifiable with :bitcoin: blockchain

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