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“₿itcoin is creating a new class of high net worth individuals who will reshape the world.” -@lopp

“Nothing motivates a person more than the thought of their enemy holding more
₿itcoin.” -@denverbitcoin

“The Great Reset started in 2009. Few understand this--₿itcoin.” -@MrHodl

“When ₿itcoin becomes the global reserve currency, it will be the definition of a black swan. So difficult to predict, so obviously explained in hindsight.” -@parkeralewis

"As long as ₿itcoin is priced in fiat, you're still early." -@drbitcoinmd

“If you own ₿itcoin, your best days are ahead of you.” -@jimmysong

“Rich people want your ₿itcoin. Don't give it to them.” -@dergigi

“₿itcoin is freedom. Price is irrelevant, freedom is priceless.” -@MsHodl

"₿itcoin without ₿itcoiners is simply unused software. ₿itcoiners are ₿itcoin." -@JackMallers

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