😳 my dog almost got ripped to shreds right in front of my eyes by a pit bull named "Thor". I reached down and picked her up pulling her in with her leash as I did so. Thor then leaped up 3 times trying to get her from my arms. I had a second to react before he would have had her

@BitcoinMotorist glad she's okay. I have a small dog myself in a neighborhood of DINKS with more heart than muscle capable of keeping their rescues under leash control.


@eatoutfrom5lbs I have no idea what you just said 😂


DINKS = Double Income No Kids

"Rescues" = invariably pit bulls

"Muscle" = organs capable of keeping large, leashed dogs under control when they are out in the general dog-walking population

@eatoutfrom5lbs aaahh, the DINKs have more heart than muscle. I thought you were saying your small dog has more heart than muscle. Now your sentence makes sense

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