😳 my dog almost got ripped to shreds right in front of my eyes by a pit bull named "Thor". I reached down and picked her up pulling her in with her leash as I did so. Thor then leaped up 3 times trying to get her from my arms. I had a second to react before he would have had her

As I have predicted, no coiners and shitcoiners are rapidly becoming indistinguishable from each other marker.medium.com/the-bitcoin-

When the BCashers eventually come back to Bitcoin, we shouldn't forget all the people they scammed. It's too late to come back without some serious atonement.

Me, on every website: Don't they have a dark mode?

Anti-Bitcoin arguments will never go away. Bitcoin will be the global reserve currency and people will still be bemoaning how awful Bitcoin is

You're watching an empire collapse. Most people won't recognize it as such though

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