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Screenshot from @Suzi3D thread about GETTR's questionable privacy and doubtful censorship-resistance:

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Yeah so....Gettr is probably in all likelihood a shit platform. I think I'm happiest with this setup! It is quiet and truly focused on :bitcoin: Bitcoin :bitcoin:

I will be around here...✊️

Happy Birthday btw! We are 13!

Sats on Sale!
Buy the fucking dip plebs!
:bitcoin: Bitcoin :bitcoin:

:bitcoin: Bitcoin :bitcoin:
Officially a Swan customer now!
It has been a long time comin'!
Only :bitcoin: Bitcoin :bitcoin: FOREVER LAURA!

GM to @TuckerCarlson for being the first interviewer to just shut the fuck up and let @saylor explain Bitcoin without interrupting. 🍻😂


Thanks for suggesting Mastodon to the Plebs on Twitter! I am slowly learning this thing, but I have great faith!
:bitcoin: Bitcoin :bitcoin:

Shitcoins are the new Timeshares in 🤡🌎

Censorship Test:
Toot Toot Motherfuckers!🍻

Are you sure you want to post this?

I think WGMI!

:bitcoin: Bitcoin :bitcoin:

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