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To put it quite simply, the problems with the world today that
is clearly the solution to are so blatantly obvious that if you haven't done your homework and bought some bitcoin, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.

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Decentralised messaging on the Lightning Network without clogging up the channels. Got a feeling these features are going to come in very handy sooner than expected.

Notice how the large liquid supply decrease that we’re seeing this month is of a similar level to those we saw in 2012 Q4 and in 2016 Q4 👀

Then take a good look what happened to the price in the year after those… 🚀
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Supply shortage incoming. 270,000 off the market this month.

If you're the administrator of a Bitcoin related Mastodon/Pleroma instance, please add your instance to my relay. Follow the instructions on It should get you access to all instances on the list. Once you've followed, you'll get added to the list!

"Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology"

_Very_ strongly worded, official US government document. Makes crystal clear that they believe:

1) Researchers got sick with COVID symptoms, in autumn 2019
2) Chinese bio labs have had leaks
3) China is stonewalling investigation
4) They were doing gain-of-function research on the closest known relative to covid
5) The Chinese military may be involved (!!!)

People got banned on social media for saying this...

When you see complete bullshit like this, you realize why you switch to a platform were there is reasonable and thoughtful conversation, not shitcoin scammers spewing garbage. Switch to Mastodon, and one of the growing number of instances.

Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 was released today and includes:
- Descriptor wallets
- Compact block filters over P2P network
- Fewer rebroadcast attempts
- Tor V3 support
- Schnorr/Taproot code

Who better than @AaronvanW to explain this in plain English? 👏


Saw that you have made your way over here. Welcome, we're glad you're here!

Now that Sweden's 2020 mortality statistics have been finalized, we can see the horrifying COVID-19 death toll with a good magnifying glass.

🚨 🚨 Mastodon instructional video thread!🚨 🚨

This is a short series of videos for those who need help getting Mastodon to be more functional.

Let's begin!

Talked to one of the guys in my fantasy football league about in August at the draft. He was really interested so we had a call a couple weeks later when we hadn't been drinking for 8 hours straight. He was getting it so I thought he would make a move. He got over ruled by the wife :(

It's great to see people choosing the free and open source software! Here are my top picks.

Router: pfsense
Operating system: Pop!_OS
Browser: ungoogled-chromium
Recording: OBS
Video editing: Kdenlive
Messaging: Ferdi
IRC: Weechat
Password manager: Bitwarden_rs
2FA Authenticator: Aegis
Social media: Pleroma
Calendar & Contacts: Nextcloud
Sync to mobile: Davx5
VPN routing: Zerotier
VPN recommendation: Mullvad
Money: Bitcoin
Payment processor: BTCPayServer
Torrents: Transmission
Movies: Radarr
TV: Sonarr
Trackers: Jackett
Media centre: Jellyfin
Media player: VLC
Homepage: Homer

Weekend project:

Configure my own mastodon instance to host my own account. No problem 😎

It's annoying that I can't see how many favorites/boosts a toot has without opening it. (At least in Tusky)

ALL Parler's user data (including photos of verified state id cards) has been retrieved by hackers and is being posted online.

Due to an implementation bug, v3 onion services were experiencing instability earlier today.

A bug fix is on the way.

Everything else in Tor works fine even when the consensus is a few hours old, and v3 onion services should too.

You can learn more here:

And here:

Bitcoiners haven't even noticed the correction. They are to busy getting off the censorship promoting bird platform and getting on the free speech respecting mastodon platform.

The censorship wars are upon us.


Time to step the fuck up.

Can anyone suggest viable alternatives to Firefox and Thunderbird? Seems there are a couple good open source options on the browser side, Vivaldi and Irideum, but what about email clients? Integrated PGP would be awesome.

Ugh, Trump switching to in 3, 2, 1...

Trump has kicked the hornet's nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.

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