Tucker, my dog, and I drove 20K miles all over the country over a 6 month period last year on a bitcoin adventure. I found that everyone agrees on more than 85% of everything. The divide is a fabrication.

Has anyone mentioned how deep the wall will need to go? When you've been climbing the corporate ladder all your life, it's hard to understand the method of rats.

@bitcoinedu This was what I and a couple of others were saying in 2011. Nice to see it come back around. Shame it took such pain to get here.

@taoeffect I am not joking. My ex-husband, who is Arabic was deported a year before 9/11. Living through that as well as the previous 10 years of Fake News regarding Iraq was hell. Not sure why you would interpret what I was saying as a joke.

@taoeffect Nope. I meant exactly what I wrote. I ought to have put victims in " " though. :)

@402PaymentRequired Oh. Self-described as autistic and lacking a social life. I understand now.

@402PaymentRequired @waxwing
Wait until 3 of your peers get kidnapped and 2 others commit suicide.

Your risk tolerance is that of a 13 year old boy. It's common for nerdy noobs with little or no life experience.

I'm a mother so my tolerance of childish behavior is pretty high. 😝


Let me help you out a bit. Everyone is much smarter than you think and you are not nearly as smart as you think. That is a good place to start in this space.

And you're right, it's not 2012. But those same people are at the top of security and programming still. I was very lucky to be at the front of the pack and be surrounded by people smarter than I since early 2011, and involved with people I've known and worked with since 2007.

Your hubris is a bit off-putting.

@taoeffect Considering the USA PATRIOT Act, victims is ambiguous.

@402PaymentRequired How new is new? You definitely don't fit in with early adopters as far as your style so I am assuming since 2016?

You are concerned about a public key being known? Really?

As for doxxed, bitcoin has never been anonymous. It's private. Big difference.

@402PaymentRequired :) 3 of my very favorite people in security tech in bitcoin since 2012 got me set up with Trezors and they use them as well. But sure, I guess for us non-techie types . . .

@taoeffect You have plans to escape the universe? I take consolation of not paying for the shitshow from the fruit of my labor.

@402PaymentRequired I have the upmost respect for Alana. And I've had no problems with my devices. I am looking forward to trying out the coldcard though.

@TallTim @livestradamus I've been involved in the entire spectrum of the weed industry starting in 1980 and I don't think you know what you are talking about here but stamping "commoditized" will get you some likes on Twitter. :)

@TallTim @livestradamus

The "market" to which you refer is becoming a monopoly as you pointed out which is ONLY possible when The State becomes involved. So no, it's not like bread; it's like the potholes in roads: illegal to fill them even unless The State authorizes you to and in LA, you can only do so if you equally contribute to a fund so poorer neighbors can do the same.

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