A year ago, I suggested that $1500 was a realistic price point for bitcoin. EVERYBODY. E V E R Y B O D Y said I was an idiot. Several "thought leaders" and trading icons said it would never go below $10K and that I knew nothing about economics or trading. (I guess they really don't know who I am or what I do.)

@BitcoinBelle A well-deserved victory lap. Too bad you weren't on my radar a year ago. - Gonna ride this train to zero if Mr. Market insists. My "FU" to fiat money.


@flexbit I have been a pretty loud voice since 2011. :) Not many have had the breadth of audience I have. Of course, having the unique distinction of getting 3 accounts permanently banned from Twitter did much to diminish the volume and reach. As for me, my "stop" is at $70. My post was more to the fact that the herd is alive and well and will follow personalities right off a cliff or into an abyss. My first 2 "losses" were to a guys who promised ice cream and then a kegger- both before 18. So.

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