I know this might be very unpopular, but I have to ask...are there any other BTC Maximalist/Vegetarians here besides me? 😀 🍊 🥕 🥒 🥦 🤣

hah—sometimes it feels like it'd be less unpopular to say you're a BTC cannibal than a BTC vegetarian

@orionwl @mberger

While on my cross-country roadtrip, I stayed with a bitcoin max family and the dad had converted to carnivorism. He literally ate steak three times a day. I love the guy but he was literally more religious about it than any evangelical proselytizer.

@BitcoinBelle @orionwl
I once took my carnivorous father to a Chipotle. We had burritos stuffed with beans and rice. He said, "This is peasant food. Where's the beef?"

I see his point, but I can't help it! I hate meat and I love the legume and grain diet! I guess I'm a peasant...But I'm a Maximalist peasant - the most wealthy, the most free peasant in the history of the world.


@mberger @orionwl

Oh and maybe your dad should order his own food next time. :) Possibly give him the book, "Etiquette" by Emily Post for Christmas?

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