I know this might be very unpopular, but I have to ask...are there any other BTC Maximalist/Vegetarians here besides me? 😀 🍊 🥕 🥒 🥦 🤣

hah—sometimes it feels like it'd be less unpopular to say you're a BTC cannibal than a BTC vegetarian


@orionwl @mberger

While on my cross-country roadtrip, I stayed with a bitcoin max family and the dad had converted to carnivorism. He literally ate steak three times a day. I love the guy but he was literally more religious about it than any evangelical proselytizer.

@BitcoinBelle @orionwl
I once took my carnivorous father to a Chipotle. We had burritos stuffed with beans and rice. He said, "This is peasant food. Where's the beef?"

I see his point, but I can't help it! I hate meat and I love the legume and grain diet! I guess I'm a peasant...But I'm a Maximalist peasant - the most wealthy, the most free peasant in the history of the world.

@mberger @orionwl

I have used diet for 3 decades to treat my body as much as fuel it. So I've been a raw foodest, vegan, extended juice faster, paleo. I'm 50 and most concerned with cognitive decline and hormonal fluctuations.
(I wish people started thinking about those around age 19.)
I visited my doctors of 20 years recently and head to toe I am mid to late 30s so I will keep listening and responding, caring for my body like it's a temple.

Life would be boring if we were all the same. :)

@BitcoinBelle I'm close to 50 and people are surprised I'm over 40. I think meat breaks down the body faster than raw fruits, veggies and legumes.

Etiquette has never been a strong suit for my father.

@mberger I think that people need to honor themselves and practice self-care. It was interesting to watch my son who has been an elite athlete for 10 years + live as a vegetarian after cycling across the country and witnessing the way cows in particular were treated and the grain silos. He told me then about what he thought was the best presentation at MIT for Science Week and that was Impossible Foods. Seems like a good step for people who want to transition.

@mberger (How to thread toots? @nvk @badger)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vegetables and herbs🥑 🍆 🥒 🌶️ Having grown them for much of the last decade, I can attest to there being nothing like it. And that is just the thing for me: store-bought veggies, even at WF now are gross. My family grows 3% of CA's avocados. NOBODY wants to pay what it would cost for local, sustainable farmed foods. We'll pay $5 a gallon for gas that will take us 30 miles but not $5 for a avocado that will sustain us for a half day.

@BitcoinBelle @nvk @badger I went to college with a girl who claimed their family grew 3% of the avocados in CA. Are you Kristen Hukari?

@mberger @nvk @badger
I am not. The name of the ranch is Rancho Tajiguas. Does she claim that 3200 acres in Santa Barbara is hers too? ;)

@mberger @orionwl

Oh and maybe your dad should order his own food next time. :) Possibly give him the book, "Etiquette" by Emily Post for Christmas?

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