So, Bloomberg just did a live event about Cryptocurrencies. 30 minutes in I heard this: "People are asking about other currencies, but we are focusing on Bitcoin."

And throughout the event they were sounding like real Bitcoin maximalists, at one point even pointing out that other currencies besides Bitcoin are useless.

@BitcoinBelle everyone is learning :-) it's amazing how it got there actually, I was expecting much more "Bitcoin is evil, private blockhains are possible" and it was the opposite!


@badger I am probably a jaded curmudgeon but I don't believe legacy and institutional banking is just going to capitulate. I see this time more as the sunny beach day between the tsunami and the flood that wiped everyone out.

@BitcoinBelle @badger
A Battle to the Death.
Book's here. The Mail Lady just dropped it off.

First critique. I'm assuming you wanted to sell A LOT of these.
Bitcoin Belle does not work as an author's name. I'm assuming you did not want to use your real name, I would choose a different pen name. JMO
It looks like the author is one of those "crazy bitcoin people". Your alienating 90% of your prospective buyers before they open the cover.

OTOH, everything else works. The lady on the cover is really well done. I want to meet her and spend some quality time with her.

@mydogisahusky At the time that I first published it, I had one of the top 5 most popular Twitter accounts in bitcoin. I also had 2 whales offer to buy 1000 books each for bitcoin to hand out to people at conferences. Sooooo. At .03 btc each, I would have done quite wellThat was the reason for my decision. It had nothing to do with not using my real name.

I get it. I'm just giving you my reaction, actually looked it up by that name on Amazon. When I saw it listed, saw the cover, my first reaction was NO. Don't want it. Crazy bitcoin people. Think they can write novels. (My family has a lot of authors, my sister and a guy named "Sir Walter Scott"- from the1800's)

I think you understand.
Anyway, I'll read the book, it will take awhile, I'll get back to you.
Peace sweetie

@mydogisahusky I suppose I could have penned it under Satoshi Nakamoto.

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