Twitter actually just removed "C***" from a Tweet of mine to @realsexycyborg who has been literally abused by that fucking bitch Sarah Jeong.

I have been a test case for @Jack and his SJW bullshit! HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED IN THE BITCOIN SPACE!!!

@BitcoinBelle No way, can you link ? (I do believe, just want to see it)


This should include my outrage tweet as well as the original. I intentionally crafted it so I'd not get banned for saying "cunt". CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT!!! SARAH JEONG, BLYTHE MASTERS, KATHERYN HAUN, KATHERINE FORREST AND CAROL VAN CLEEF- YOU ARE ALL C***S!

@BitcoinBelle I remember your original cunt tweet. So they removed the word? Did you get notification?

@djbooth007 Original as in the one I tweeted about Blythe in 2014 or the one I just tweeted to Naomi? Regardless, nope, no notification. They just left out the fucking noun! I hate Twitter. And I kid you not, @Jack is a toxic puss sore. I don't care if Jack Mallers and the rest love him because of Square or whatever, he is CANCER!!!

@BitcoinBelle @Jack are you telling me the characters “C***” was removed from your tweet?

@BitcoinBelle @Jack WTF!?? I’m trying to understand, sorry for the questions. Was it removed immediately/automatically after posting or only after a few minutes/longer?

@djbooth007 I typed it. Checked for errors. Hit send. And immediately received a "like" from Naomi and saw that it did not contain the word C*** even though I thought it, typed it, reconsidered, and confirmed.
Fuck Jack!

@BitcoinBelle i sent similar tweet to you and not censored so I think your account is flagged and being filtered. Not looking good for Twitter 😟

@djbooth007 I have hacked that motherfucker and exposed him for what he is. I'm on a roll.

@BitcoinBelle @djbooth007
Ya - I rarely, nearly never, use the "C" word. Especially as a guy, it can diminish the dating pool very quickly.
But sometimes there is no choice.
And you have to call it like you see it.

@mydogisahusky @BitcoinBelle @djbooth007 if I was an employee at Twitter and I wanted to mess with someones head, I would definitely edit their tweets. It's an excellent way to make someone doubt their own sanity, as often there's nothing but memory as evidence.

@pj Naomi's Twitter handle. She is a hacker/maker from Shanghai who is fantastic! She is pushing all sorts of boundaries and biases. Smart as a fucking whip. Like runs circles around all of America's finest. *snort*
Sarah Jeong threw her under the bus before any of the "Jordan Peterson followers" were complaining about Sarah's white man hate and THE boys said NOTHING! Kinda typical. :/ Anyway, Twitter suspended my 3rd acct for a Tweet about Sarah and now LITERALLY removed a word from my Tweet.

@BitcoinBelle I see. Free speech is more important than some cunt's feelings. Unless I'm dating her :-D I have always been careful to not rock the boat, but I have an idea. I'm going to take my podcast 'offline' where social media is powerless. I'm going to focus on SMS. Maybe you'll be the first guest on my offline podcast. Interested?

@pj Sure! I love to hear myself talk. ;)

But seriously, I've never been interested in rocking the boat. I just like to stand on the rails and dive into the deep end. I never understood anyone wanting to be in the boat in the first place if they didn't like getting splashed.

@BitcoinBelle OK let me know when you're free for a phone interview next week, email [email protected] It'll be an audio-only podcast.

@pj Are you using Skype? What is the mission of your show and who is your audience?

@BitcoinBelle It's usually my random thoughts about technology and business.

some might consider these racy 

some might consider these racy 

some might consider these racy 

@BitcoinBelle @pj are you saying they edited your tweet and left if up?

My @BitcoinBelle account was banned a year ago. Shame the unanimous response was "What did you do, Belle?"

@BitcoinBelle @Jack
No one is to be trusted in the Bitcoin space. They are all to be verified. BTW - Don't let your friends touch those piece of shit ETF's that are being cooked up. They are real crap. Not your keys, Not your Bitcoin".
Buy Bitcoin instead.

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