Triggering vegans should be an Olympic sport. 🙄

@nvk Dude, can we please stop with the dietary partisanship? Lots of vegans in bitcoin too, myself included. I really dgaf what other people eat.

@stark I know you are, but there are too many annoying vegans pissing me off when I share pics of meat or my dietary preferences. They also protest small businesses here like crazy.

@nvk @stark

Then keep your comments where they are relevant and not here. I don't think that's too difficult.

@kcalvinalvin @stark You don't have to use this instance 😂

I'm sure the person who started it, did so he could talk about meat too.

Or just mute/block me.

@nvk @kcalvinalvin @stark
She just doesn't want you to throw the deer carcass in her face and knock her over with it.

@mydogisahusky @kcalvinalvin I'm a conservationist, I spend more time outdoors than most ppl who claim to care about animals. (not talking @stark)

Hunting is one of the most important methods of keeping a healthy balanced wild animal population

Farm animals don't survive in the wild. Being ethical is important to me, but so eating them while being ethical

Vegans in my city, vandalize even ethical meat businesses

If I'm lucky and a Buck crosses me this November, there will be pictures!

@nvk @mydogisahusky @kcalvinalvin @stark

I learned to shoot a bow and shotgun as part of my survival training. Living in the mountains of NC I saw first hand the destruction that some wild boars did to agro land, and farm animals. But there is a huge difference between conservation & some of the practices of mass farming.

BTW, I will trade or pay you btc for venison jerky. :)

@BitcoinBelle @nvk @kcalvinalvin @stark
Bow and shotgun are fine weapons, great skills to have..Wanna here something cute & sweet & funny?
The other night when you going to bed - said good night to the group, and I replied "sweet dreams"? Well, The Federated bot randomly picks a user and a tweet to boost every hour... and it was so cool. It came out like 5 minutes later and boosted "sweet dreams" to the whole group. You sort of had to be there. But it was really nice.


@mydogisahusky @nvk @kcalvinalvin @stark

Awwww. That is so nice. I think that is one of the things I miss most with my kids grown and gone and being single. Getting tucked in and wished sweet dreams is lovely.

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