I know this might be very unpopular, but I have to ask...are there any other BTC Maximalist/Vegetarians here besides me? 😀 🍊 🥕 🥒 🥦 🤣


I believe @stark is a veggie. @jamesgmorgan definitely is, although he is humorous about my wanton displays of meat I display.

@stark @mberger @jamesgmorgan

I've had a variety of dietary rules for myself over the last 3 decades for health as well as moral reasons. The one thing though that drives me nuts is the judgment. I was standing at the meat counter getting fish heads FOR MY DOG and a woman wearing a "Vegan" shirt stood there screaming at me calling me a murderer. Between that and the carnivores claiming only meat eaters can have healthy brains, it seems everyone needs a healthy portion of "live and let live".

@BitcoinBelle @stark @mberger @jamesgmorgan I find both ends of the spectrum fairly obnoxious. Eat what you want, but the hubris and sense of superiority like they’ve figured out the optimal diet for *everyone* is laughable.

@mikeinspace @stark @mberger @jamesgmorgan

Except if it comes from me. Everyone knows that I know everything and am
Have a cookie! 🍪

@jamesgmorgan @stark @mberger
So now I've gone from connecting fellow bitcoiners to fellow veggies? I am not sure what this means. Wait a sec while I consult my Magic Blockchain . . .

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