You think bitcoin is cool because you can exchange it for fiat? Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Bitcoin is cool because it will eventually pressure the world’s governments to adapt decentralized, distributed-consensus governance models.


In 2013, I sent .2 bitcoin to a stranger I'd read about on Motherboard and she lifted her village out of poverty in Botswana. In 2016, I sent .008 btc to a bitcoiner delayed at an airport with her baby and with a maxed-out card and no cash.
In 2018, I was able to rent a home despite The State seizing my bank & trading accounts.

Bitcoin is enabling me to do EXACTLY what I always wanted to be able to do with money.

@BitcoinBelle @shainekennedy I was handing out $1 ChangeTips on Reddit during 400-500ish mark 😂

@BitcoinBelle Stoked to hear of the good things you were able to do with bitcoin. This segues nicely into a topic that I’ve wanted to discuss for a while now.

I want to start a discussion on how bitcoin will affect society as a whole once it’s more widely adopted. In what ways do you believe bitcoin will change society (either for good or bad)? Specific examples would be helpful.

@shainekennedy Quite honestly, I think that looking at some of Nick Szabo's writings about money and the evolution of fiat would be a good place to start. I will say, and tomatoes may be thrown at me for this, that unlike Andreas's claim that bitcoin is trustless, I am more inclined to say that it is permissionless. The trajectory from those two points if extrapolated are pretty interesting.

@BitcoinBelle Care to elaborate more on why you believe it is more permissionless than trustless? I’m genuinely curious.

@shainekennedy Quick & dirty.
Permissionless because the holding of btc does not require 2 forms of govt ID, a SSN, an explanation of how it was acquired, and the exchange of it does not require an authority outside of the 2 parties. Trust is required. Every fucking time I hit "send" I am trusting there has been no MITM attack, person is who they say & infrastructure is being maintained to name a few. I realize those aren't "technical" issues but Andreas's audience isn't tech-savvy, but normies.

@BitcoinBelle Ah, I see. Thanks for elaborating, that makes sense to me. I am definitely more paranoid about bitcoin transactions than I am about exchanging fiat with a random merchant; there is a gigantic “trust” component there.

@shainekennedy @BitcoinBelle There will be a massive return of medieval guilds where gifted children will be sent to master their crafts. Only the most exceptional craftsmen will convince Bitcoiners to part with their hard money.

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