All these central bankers think they're going to be able to regulate Bitcoin. In reality Bitcoin is going to regulate them.

One bad thing about Mastadon is that we can't tell people to HFSP, since there are only Bitcoiners on here @udiWertheimer

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Holy shit. Legendary investor Howard Marks is a hodler.

This is from his latest investor memo (pg 13):

Mastodon Mondays

I will post exclusively on Mastodon on Mondays. I encourage all of you to consider doing the same to help grow the community.

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@orionwl @mattodell @nvk also, that the server holds DMs is presumably orthogonal to this. E2E encryption would be nice, requiring key infrastructure though. I treat DMs here as quasi-public, but I also do that for other platforms.

A market like this is the perfect example why you should NEVER use leverage when trading. You could be liquidated instantly and lose all your money in one of the greatest bull markets in history.

What are the best Mastadon clients for iOS and Android?

@fluxdev How would they do that though? If Signal is E2E encrypted, there is no way for them to do that.

How long until Signal is banned by Apple and Google?

The finalized reading list for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar on BIP-Taproot (BIP 341) is up:

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