Been a bit. Anyone alive tonight? @BitMexTrader @chowcollection @cryptocoderbob

@mydogisahusky I have $5 in BTC for an address and a song.

Or anyone else that wan’ts to bullshit on this dead ass forum.

@BitMexTrader haha. I’m finally back at bedtime. Go figure.

@BitMexTrader I finally have a free weekend so i’ll Be around. Hit me up. 🍻

@BitMexTrader I plan on retiring to Bitcointopia. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Vegas. Vegas is my favorite city I’ve travelled to so far. For several reasons. I’m in the cornfields of Ohio right now. I like to stay low key.

@cryptocoderbob @BitMexTrader I saw this being tossed around on the bird site. Didn’t read the article till now. I assumed it was about @NODEfather. Seems interesting. My degree is in filmmaking. May have to make a trip out west. 🤔

@Bit_Faced @cryptocoderbob @BitMexTrader when I see these crypto-utopia ideas pop up.... the phrase “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” comes to mind.

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