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Jack is offering to fund Bitcoin development and seems to get a lot of kudos for that, but I can't help but feel suspicious, that it's only a PR stunt that doesn't cost him much and might blowback later.
Am I a paranoid bastard? Is hanging around here turning me into a grumpy ermit?

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@Bit_Faced Ha no worries, and thanks. There will be a lot of obscenely wealthy Bitcoiners in the coming years, and I'd like to have a hand in dissuading them from buying Lambos and focus instead on improving society through culture and art.

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@Bit_Faced he is highly entertaining that's for sure. This bcash fork is what we needed to spice up the monotony of the bear market, lol

Or anyone else that wan’ts to bullshit on this dead ass forum.

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Been a bit. Anyone alive tonight? @BitMexTrader @chowcollection @cryptocoderbob

@mydogisahusky I have $5 in BTC for an address and a song.

@402PaymentRequired You know anyone that wants to build a wallet? I'm hiring devs.

@BitMexTrader Whenever Obelisk sends me some miners, I'm going to make some videos. Over 1 month late and now saying 6 more weeks.

@402PaymentRequired Love your vids. Can you throw someone my way that can develop wallets?

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Have you ever just stopped and appreciated how you type? That at some point, the fluency of movement becomes so deep in your instincts the words don't come through your hands, or even really your conscious actions.

They pour like water spilling over the lip of a cup and you alter the universe to accommodate it through arcane gestures that can exist in that way and no other way.

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12+ empty blocks in last 24 hours; I believe most (or just some?) were Antpool.

No judgement implied ... but interesting.

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@Bit_Faced I am very high so everything is funny to me atm.

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