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For Bitcoin's 10th birthday, the U.S. government is shutdown.

FACT: As the bitcoin price reached an all time high of nearly $20k in December 2017, the trustee of defunct exchange Mt Gox, dumped up to 36000 bitcoin onto the open market, causing panic and crashing the price down to $6000 in Feb 2018.

@BitcoinBelle Just salty that he does not pay he pay his taxers

For every $1 USD you had in your bank account in 2008, its only worth $0.50 today.

In 2013, 1 BTC peaked at $1100.
In late 2018, 1 BTC is $6400

Still a 5x return vs fiat, not bad.

@Bit_Faced Will take look at this tomorrow mate catch you then, if you are around bra.

@Bit_Faced oh shit, when next shitcoin talk lol, old mate needacoin got to shill that shit.

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