Messing around with some screen recoding stuff for a PDF I am making about trading, trying to add some basic fib sets up for examples.

Mate @Bit_Faced whats happening with the mining, you still keen on making some videos.

Building a traders will be covering some basics.
β˜‘οΈ Fibonacci levels.
βœ… Market structure (W's & M's)
β˜‘οΈ MACD & RSI Divergence

And how to factor all those things to get the best entry.

Weekly's are still putting higher lows, looks like we might be making a run next year.

market is is cleaning it's self out from last years crazy run.

Keep getting those BTC's and buying those cheap shitcoins.

Okay I got the break of the last resistance level that I was looking for.

Mason (Big) Cox got it dun on Friday night the pies are in the Grand Final.

Pun intended but Mason is over 7ft so it works

What I look for when entering a trade.

β˜‘οΈ Will bigger players be more likely to buy here.

βœ… Is price holding on support and showing strength.

β˜‘οΈ Is the MACD showing divergence

I will enter at the break of resistance on the close of the daily, has to break passed Hoz line.

Bitcoin weekly 

Pies got up last night, one more and they are in the grand final oh yeah

About to home and watch a webinar on Ruby on rails.

Then try some coding, wish me luck.

Then it's time for the footy



Sellers are still in control for the time.

In my research on becoming well rounded in I have found some really good webinars and some bad here is one that I found that I enjoyed check it out.

Fibs are a great way to look for potential profit taking levels, scale out and see where the bigger buyers and sellers are looking to take profit.

And ether don't buy at key Fib and resistance levels or look to short.

When is this thing going to the moon already πŸ˜…




Where has price been rejected in the past at resistance.


And how far away is that to key Fib levels (0.5 – 0.61)


I do the same as if I am looking to buy but in reverse.
(So M’s are bears AKA double tops)

4/ Final conformation is when the last resistance is broken, I enter at the close of the of the candle.

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