Was just wondering how many got into $BTC last year, I am a big fan and when Andreas was first on the Podcast I got hooked.

I was like.

"I wonder if I can make some of that Bitcoin stuff playing poker"

Let me know how you got into Bitcoin or was it another coin that took you down the rabbit hole.

@BitMexTrader I'm an investor that was amazed by this last Bitcoin bull run. Started following crypto Twitter and found the coolest shit in Finance.

@dannydxviii Oh cool mate, thanks Danny for the boost and the feed back 👍

@BitMexTrader I read the white paper right before the client was released... Bad times for me and my family so it took another rear to get involved in mining but yea I didn't know how money worked(usd/the fed) until I fully understood Bitcoin. Then it was a no-brainer.

@Sthaosin Same here about learning about the (USD/and fed res) there were lot of wait what do they do and who runs it.

oh shit you mined it back in the day well you are better off then most miners that are doing now.

@BitMexTrader yea, well that understanding didn't happen until after I sold out at $30usd. :( I'd be loaded if I wasn't so dumb lol. I've also lost over 300btc to stolen/broken PC's. It used to make me sick to think about it. So you can sub that BTC from circulation lol. When regular people realize how little btc there really is you and I will be giddy af with what little we have.

@Sthaosin Hey at least you are still in now still in the 1%-2% of the world or some shit.

@BitMexTrader For me it was reading an article on Slashdot back in 2011. I had heard some mentions of it, but it was the first time entered my brain and set up shop. Permanently. 📈

@BitMexTrader Early 2009 someone on posted this new digital money called "Bitcoin". Ron Paul's End the Fed campaign was in full force at the time so I was introduced to all of this at once. I had $225 burning a hole in my pocket. For about ten minutes I tried to purchase Bitcoin with this $225 and gave up, not wanting to use the Silk Road for fear of being tied to illicit activity. So instead I donated this money to Ron Paul. 8 years later I started buying my first Bitcoin.

@BitMexTrader It could have been much worse, but I do feel like I have to make up for 8 years of lost time :)

@BitMexTrader Oh wow this was way earlier than I remembered. The post announcing Bitcoin on must have been days before my donation on 12/17/2007. A little slice of Bitcoin history :)

@BitMexTrader I vaguely remember the price being something like $0.00001 for 1 BTC. I was like, "Wait a minute, something can be worth a fraction of a penny?"

@chowcollection oh smokers, thats why every sat I make now are like little baby children.

@BitMexTrader @chowcollection did u know that 1 sat is worth more than 1 Venezuelan Bolivar? wasn't always like that so keep stacking on those sats

@diego @chowcollection When I first got into bitcoin I hit the faucets every day for like 2-3 months was like this is silly I will not make money doing this, wish I stayed with it now.

@diego @chowcollection But I had a twitter bot that I made for posting ref links to new Xapo wallets users when zebra and moon Bitcoin faucets used Xapo.

@BitMexTrader Haha yeah I'm terrible at buying the dip so I just pretend 1 Satoshi = $1 so I feel like I'm getting a steal no matter what price I'm buying at.

@verretor Same here dude, just got to have great money management.

@BitMexTrader for me it was ripple ( + hashcash + egold + bmoney + ... ) (2007) -> bitcoin (2009-10).

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