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A few things I ask myself before entering a trade, when buying

Does price have liquidity✅


As in has there been buy volume here in the past.☑️


whales buy off larger time frames most of the time cheap as they can, or more and likely where it wont REKT them.☑️


Is it Fibonacci level.(61/0.78)☑️

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2/ Is there any market structure forming around support levels. ✅


What I mean by market structure is the support level holding is price making W's or double bottoms.☑️

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3/ What are my indicators doing compared to price.


Is the MACD starting put in Higher lows/Or even a double bottom ☑️


Is the RSI showing any divergence to what price is.

(Price was not making higher low but RSI is.)

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4/ Final conformation is when the last resistance is broken, I enter at the close of the of the candle.

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Was just wondering how many got into $BTC last year, I am a big fan and when Andreas was first on the Podcast I got hooked.

I was like.

"I wonder if I can make some of that Bitcoin stuff playing poker"

Let me know how you got into Bitcoin or was it another coin that took you down the rabbit hole.

Trying out the 's Mastodon package if you see this it' seems to be working

Whats good how do think Bitcoin will fare in the next few weeks

Testing this bot out with the Mastodon wrapper

For Bitcoin's 10th birthday, the U.S. government is shutdown.

FACT: As the bitcoin price reached an all time high of nearly $20k in December 2017, the trustee of defunct exchange Mt Gox, dumped up to 36000 bitcoin onto the open market, causing panic and crashing the price down to $6000 in Feb 2018.

For every $1 USD you had in your bank account in 2008, its only worth $0.50 today.

In 2013, 1 BTC peaked at $1100.
In late 2018, 1 BTC is $6400

Still a 5x return vs fiat, not bad.

Putting together a list of PDF's for my dropbox mostly around trading anyone got some good ones to add, does not have to be just trading would like some crypto one also.

If anyone want's a alert system check this out having a look at this now.


All right I am about to call it a day it's Sunday in Aus and I want to watch the season 5 of the sopranos.

I will back tomorrow but big day

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