Taking photos with the Librem 5 has gotten easier with the viewfinder :) #shotonlibrem5

@dos nice! When will we receive the phone itself?

@BitBorderliner Depends on who "we" is - it's been shipping to backers for months now, but it will still take some time to handle all orders to date and reach shipping parity.


@dos for the ones who didn’t receive the phone and ordered it last year and still don’t have one. What is the time you recon they still need to wait. Weeks, months? Any deadline as to when ‘those’ people get their phones?

@BitBorderliner "Last year" is rather late in the queue and there will be now a pause due to component shortage, so most likely around the end of the year. See puri.sm/posts/the-ball-and-sup

@dos the component shortage is an issue caused by ordering your components “rather late” whilst allowing people to (pre-)order the phone you’re already rolling out… and now you and the clients suffer the consequences… But hey, who’s complaining (I am) I’ll wait till the end of the year disillusioned while watching all the phone can do in the mean time (programming catching up)

@BitBorderliner @dos in this case the issue is probably partly with nxp, who currently seem to have trouble delivering the librem 5's cpu in sufficient quantities, which in turn makes it difficult for purism to give reliable estimates

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