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Stop what you're doing and read this. The CIA developed plans to kill or kidnap an award-winning journalist whose work they did not like — before they charged him with a crime.

The case against Julian Assange must be dropped—and condemned.


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@Hanakookie1 @nvk “Miners run the show and we should be grateful” is a thought on the rise again. Very disappointing

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Just announcing that I am taking a role at @SwanBitcoin as MD, Swan International.

I like the focus on education and community, and as Swan are already lead sponsor of my podcast, it was a natural fit.

So if you're a HNWI or business looking to buy BTC, get in touch with me

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I just left the ER.

We are officially back to getting crushed by fiat inflation.

Fiat inflation is running rampant and it’s MUCH more transmissible than under a classical gold standard.

99% of our ICU admits did NOT buy bitcoin.

Virtually ALL of them wish they had.

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If netflix stops giving you value for money, unsubscribe.

If the government prints too much money, unsubscribe from their token and HODL instead.

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You idiots sit here stoking the flames of fear, and whining about muh "vaccine hesitancy".

Just reopen the world. The world needs brave and courageous people, not panicker authoritarians.

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the media is not supposed to just parrot what the govt says. But this is what passes for journalism in most of the western world today.

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Ignore the open-ended critic.

Refusing to give clear parameters/milestones at which they would concede means they have no interest in accuracy, only their ego.

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Well, now that men can compete in women’s sports, perhaps they’ll be worth watching.

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Me and @stephanlivera will be doing a backup management episode.

Topics we plan to cover:

- standard backup for noobs (no passphrase)
- passphrase backup
- encrypted SD backups
- SeedXOR scenarios
- multi sig backups
- where to store the backups

Anything else we should cover?

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In the sphere of money, if you don’t understand the game being played, then you are the game being played.

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Lots of people have some exposure to Bitcoin by now, but remember only a small fraction of them really grasp what it is.

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Support @saifedean’s next book, which promises to be the perfect pairing with his original, “The Standard.”

🙏🏼 thank you Saif for helping me discover the importance of Austrian economics.


store-of-value is not dependent on its volatility. Volatility is an issue for short term thinkers only. Gold has been volatile too in order to get where it is now. Now if bitcoin would keep devaluating long-term, there would be an issue storing your wealth, because you wouldn’t keep your wealth. Long-term gold keeps its value and appreciates in exchange rate. Same goes for bitcoin. It’s a built-in property. Speculating short-term on it’s price is not equal to its long-term properties

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This is my “why” for
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@slr_coin @nothingsmonstrd @Marconaut_ @ChrisTremulis @JohnArnoldFndtn Emancipation, printing not working is theft. Bitcoin stops this, mankind's first principled response, culminated in Satoshi's selfless maths. In 2009 it was 50 billion sterling: BOE 2nd round of QE, The US now prints that every 4 days. @rootdude
@breedlove22 @chowcollection

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