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Tax fraud is an oxymoron. Taxation *is* fraud. Avoiding taxation is, therefore, a practical and moral action.
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NEW: Today, we’re suing Michael Saylor - a billionaire tech executive who has lived in the District for more than a decade but has never paid any DC income taxes - for tax fraud.

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"Science" can by definition not be all-knowing, as there would no longer be a need for science

"Science" is forever questioning
"Ideology" is the believe that questioning is no longer required

"Believe in the science" is suggesting we are all-knowing and science is an ideology we can now trust and believe in...

"Trust the science" says "trust the forever questioning", however most people using the phrase would probably not grasp the concept of science.

Government has become very poficient in finding project with no defined endstate

War on Drugs
War on Terrorism
War on one Virus

And how much better of are we now compared to where we were?

? How much self damage are you willing to endure, before your line in the sand is crossed and have to admit that


Is it a good or a bad hoax if many people die?
"Transitory" inflation
Mandetory "Vaccinations"
"Temporarly" stopping transport and energy

When will be the moment the climate stops changing?

I forgot the "Russia hating", please forgive me

My pronouns are: Fu/Queue

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Today I identify as a black life changing climate matters vaxx promoting gay pedophile ring supporting politician.

Just to see if it makes any sense.

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Can fix our broken healthcare system? @SchoonoverAndy joins me for an in-depth conversation on the misaligned incentives of healthcare and how he sees Bitcoin contributing to a solution.

What do you think: does healthcare need an overhaul?

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The dutch farmers deserve:
• The Balls of Steel award
• The Keep It Organic Sash
• The Hell No We Won't Go Megaphone
• The «No. Fuck You!» Masters Jacket.

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A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Actual war in Yemen.

Call your Representative and Senators

Dial 1-833-STOP-WAR

Need help with talkingpoints?
Follow instructions on:

Need more insight into the Yemen story?
Listen to:
The Tom Woods Show: Ep. 2151 Scott Horton Wins Another Debate, and Discusses Worst Thing in the World

Episode webpage:

Media file:

Why is there no red-flag policy/law for pedophiles hurting children?

I mean, if you WANT to protect children, I'd flag some of those creepy pedo politicians trying to protect you from owning a gun.

Flag them for life in the new registered pedo database, so you know who to vote for next time.

Biden family, a big red flag!

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Tune in at 7 ET / 4 PT for the premiere of HARD MONEY, the first weekly network-quality news show on Bitcoin, from @SwanBitcoin and @bitcoinmagazine, featuring @natbrunell @maxkeiser @edstromandrew and more.

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(2/2) Bitcoin can actually be made using renewable energy only and part of the personal miners and projects using miners already make use of renewable energy only.
On top of that, by owning your own bitcoin, you can make direct use of it all over the world AND save a part or all for the future, knowing that you did NOT hurt anyone yesterday, now and in the future by doing so.

(1/2) Bitcoin or Gold.

Now there is no stopping kids to make a buck using deadly chemicals to dig for gold to get you your remelted official bloodgold bar and erase its history conveniently.
You now own an overpriced yellow metal paperweight to safeguard your wealth, congratulations!

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