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BSQ trading fees are adjusted every DAO cycle to keep at least a 50% discount.

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You can buy BSQ at Bisq market, just like you would do for any other altcoin, with BTC.

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Aren't you using BSQ to pay trading fees?
You're losing money at every trade.
Almost 60% discount to paying trading fees with BTC.

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Cycle 21 voting phase starts soon. Cycle 20 votes failed to reach consensus because of Tor issues, so there's more BSQ requested than usual.

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.@Bisq v1.5.5 shipped with support for charting USD-denominated trade volumes.

Previously volume charts were denominated only in BTC.

Toggling to USD gives a better sense how much more value is being transacted over time.

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New Bisq version, v1.5.5
- Offers can be automatically deactivated if price reaches a certain limit.
- Cash by Mail payment method added.

Download at:

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@yegorpetrov @Bisq I would LOVE to see everyone moving to Bisq. It's a terrifc FOSS, private no-KYC fiat onramp that I've been successfully using for years (until my boating accident, of course).

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This tweet is aging fantastically well 👀

(Like most of @NickSzabo4’s work, off course 👊)
RT @NickSzabo4
At first, they say it’s “theoretically impossible.”

Then, “Maybe possible, but certainly not practical."

Then, “But only fringe groups are using it."

Later,”We are studying it.”

Now: “It is the future. We are here to provide governance and regulation."

-- Tim May

RT @cbeams
Cash by mail payment method support just got merged into Bisq. Will ship in v1.5.5.

We need to verify that you're the owner of the PUBLIC address.
Print this PDF, sign it and take a selfie displaying the QR code.
It's for your own safety.

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@waxwing @giacomozucco @Bisq Dutch central bank now oversees Dutch bitcoin/crypto market. Aside from the obvious conflict of interest, apparently their stance is screenshots definitely without a doubt prove that you are the owner of whatever address.

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Great write up by @AaronvanW
RT @bitcoinmagazine
Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 Released: What’s New.

"Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 is one of the biggest Bitcoin Core releases in recent years, introducing various new features as well as privacy and performance improvements"

Written by @AaronvanW.

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