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How good is Bisq for BTC sellers is clearly underrated.

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@Bisq is practically iliquid in some currencies. Lots to be done there.

@pox @threed
Buyer will provide payment proof and the mediator will suggest a payment in favour of buyer.
Seller will lose almost all of the security deposit.

Lobbying won't work this time. Cartels won't find any legs to break this time.

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Tor v2 will become unsupported in July of this year.

If your Bisq instance still uses a Tor v2 address, you should upgrade it to Tor v3 ASAP!

See how to do it in this guide, or watch us walk through on video in 1 hour.


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So you are telling me you can use Strike with Moon to buy credit on Amazon (you get 5% back). On Amazon buy eGift card. Use that eGift card with @Bisq to get "non-KYC" BTC (currently for face value).

And the result is that you get "non-KYC" BTC with ~5% discount?

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@pox @Bisq They actually seem safer and more private than other options where the payment can be cancelled and your name pops up everywhere:

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Bisq Demo, Episode 2.

Happening this Thursday, 8 April at 1800 CEST.

We'll show:
- how to upgrade Bisq's hidden service to Tor v3
- how dispute resolution works + tips in case you're involved in a dispute


@threed Maybe you want to keep an eye at this recently created project:

Bisq definetly requires some effort and learning from users, but for those who already know how to use a BTC wallet is not that difficult.
Buying BSQ is just like trading an altcoin. It can be improved though, and it will.

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