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Tomen nota!!!
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v1.7.0 is now required for trading.

Details on the privacy issue will be disclosed shortly.


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Reminder: 1.7.0 will become the minimum required version for trading very upgrade if you haven't already!


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Released: Bisq v1.7.0

Full release notes:


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Bisq v1.7.0 is now available.

It fixes a privacy issue that will be disclosed in about 1 week.

As a result, in 1 week, 1.7.0 will be set as the required minimum version for trading.

Please update as soon as possible!

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How will the DAO be integrated is still an open question.
To support, the DAO, Keybase dev channel and following the project would be enough.
At least for some security models (bonded traders, reputation based) there won't be any trail as there won't be multisig 2of2 multisig deposits.

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We'll be the first to say it: When taproot? 😂

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In version 0.21 @bitcoincoreorg added support for Tor V3:

For the next major release we're dropping V2 support. Their usability will rapidly diminish the next few months, as they're deprecated and @torproject will soon remove support.

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How good is Bisq for BTC sellers is clearly underrated.

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@Bisq is practically iliquid in some currencies. Lots to be done there.

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Buyer will provide payment proof and the mediator will suggest a payment in favour of buyer.
Seller will lose almost all of the security deposit.

Lobbying won't work this time. Cartels won't find any legs to break this time.

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