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 reminder: activation can't really begin until N months after software is released with the activation parameters. That N months needs to be enough time to be sure enough of the community has upgraded to it.

The quicker the community upgrades to 0.21 (or the upcoming 0.20.2 backport), the clearer it will be that a shorter timeframe can be used for activation!

The Cryptoeconomics book by @evoskuil just appeared on Amazon, and it's got a very cleverly designed cover by @digi_james✊

Amazon link:


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We'll have a reckless-VR meetup in VRChat today at 1900 UTC (no speaker this week it seems but just meetup). Good chance to meet bitcoiners from around the world. Telegram group .

If you bother @udiWertheimer and the rest of us on telegram it may help (since you need to find the world in vrchat to join).

(VRChat works on PC even without VR headset, obviously more limited though).


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Imagine being Peter McCormack:

Finally, you get the holy blue tick and after a few days everyone leaves Twitter so the only thing you can do with that blue tick is arguing with @PeterSchiff about intrinsic value.

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RT @eatoutfrom5lbs
Come to the Mastodon instance on Here is the list of things we don’t have:

1. @PeterMcCormack
2. Silicon Valley censorship
3. Did I mention no Pedro? It’s pretty nice.

Imagine beeing here for Bitcoin and supporting or following this douche

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Thanks to @[email protected] for merging my BIP 8 improvements and adding me as a co-champion.
Hopefully just in time for finishing it up for deploying to !

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RT @Reckless_VR
Adam "waxwing" Gibson (@joinmarket contributor) joins @udiWertheimer for a discussion on #Bitcoin privacy. Are the privacy challenges technological or behavioral?

Join with or WITHOUT a VR headset!

🗓 Saturday June 20th, 6pm UTC/2pm ET/11am PT

Sign up:

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Bitcoin Optech #100 has come out. Certainly a cause for celebration and thanks to @harding @jon et al 🎉


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