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So I did the 'running bitcoin' thing with ☂️

Useful learning curve in setting up, downloading and verifying blockchain for myself, and the tangibility of having the node in my home and pointing my mobile wallets there, not depending on someone else's node accessed through a server somewhere.

Got there in the end but whole thing seemed a bit unstable.

Now feels like a big anticlimax...

Where to go next ❓

This question forces me to think what is my strategy. :bitcoin:

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This second article by Ulric Pattillo has my 'Berean Seal of Approval'. 👍

With the publication of 'Thank God For Bitcoin', there's really no excuse for ignorance. Christians should be stampeding into Bitcoin. Article like this will help.

@jmbush @jimmysong @breedlove22

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is closer to hyperbitcoinization than it is to $0.

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@MadBeachBimbo @MMA

I started noticing the God- complex with Oprah. The corporate responsibility schtick was also a big clue.

These billionaires have nothing left to achieve so they turned to playing God.

The thing is, God is Good.
They are NOT good.

Anytime someone is power is not good, it's a huge problem. And that's where we are today. Corrupted, evil leaders are in power and are consolidating that power to eradicate the US. We are no longer free.

Lord, have mercy on us all.

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BookWyrm is a book reading platform for the Fediverse, like a federated alternative to Goodreads. It lets people keep track of what they're reading, post reviews and read other people's reviews.

There's more info on the website at and the project's account at @bookwyrm

You can find a list of instances to join at

If you're technically skilled, you can install your own instance using the instructions at

#FediTips #Fediverse #BookWyrm #GoodReads #Alternatives

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I don't know who needs to hear this but,
1) you don't need a blockchain for your project
2) you most definitely don't need a token for your project
3) your project can still be kickass

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Commentary: The left doesn’t just want to censor you; it also wants to close your bank accounts

“The next stage of #deplatforming will be denying people access to the #financial system. Second Amendment will mean little if Visa won’t let you buy ammunition.”

"One of the most effective ways for conservatives to counter #censorship is to develop, support, and promote #alternative platforms, thereby providing users with greater choice."

#Bitcoin :bitcoin: #AlphaNews

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Sometimes you gotta poke the bear.

Putting on my tinfoil hat, what if Bitcoin was started to introduce the one world currency.

It’s fully traceable. Current “recovery” of recent ransom ware attacks demonstrate it does not offer the anonymity it promised. But, the public perception is it does.

So is it a big honeypot to attract us , the untrusting government haters.

I’m probably wrong but it seems logical to me.

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Medical tyranny (centralization of medicine) will result in a backlash: decentralization of medicine.

We can already see it in response to unprecedented bans on prescriptions for certain medications for treatment of covid-19, via individuals working their way around the system to get prescription medicines directly.

With the wealth of knowledge available on the internet, medicine will forever be changed for the better as individuals start taking more responsibility for their own health.

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"If your Tweet is profound enough, you may get Re-Tooted on Mastodon"

- pleb Beachbar Dave

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When you use Facebook you tell people it is OK to use Facebook. You aren't just hurting yourself.

Know the true leader by his unquestionable commands. One of them will be 'Delete Facebook.'

No negotiation. No carveouts. No special needs. You delete it or you are out.
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Our Email Self-Defense guide, which teaches you how to encrypt your email with GnuPG, is back and better than ever! Check out the updated version, get your GnuPG set up, and share with absolutely everyone you know with #UserFreedom:

Took another hardening step today and flashed a with .

Feels good to have a significant chunk of my online life.

This toot is from obtained from , but I've got Aurora too as I can't go cold turkey on all the apps yet.

My other project was updating to 0.4.1 and starting to use Nextcloud instance alongside my Bitcoin node. Still experimental but like the idea of 1TB sovereign cloud storage, and dumping subscription services!

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If sending bitcoin or recovering your wallet scares you, you haven't done enough practice.

Fees are low so take advantage. Set up new wallets and some tiny transactions back and forth. Erase your wallet and recover it into some other software.

Get comfortable! 😃

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Governments couldn't silence speech so they asked big tech to do it for them, governments can't force vaccinations so they asked corporations to make them mandatory... if this isn't fascism then what is?!?

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My company will make the following policy active on Sept 30th.
- Vax proof required with the actual vax card
- If no Vax then 2x a week testing.
- WFH option no longer available
I read this notice, closed my laptop, and walked out the door. I got home and called my manager to state that if this policy stands then my last day is on Sept 30th.

I have 20 years experience developing hardware for this company. I am a EE with design and manufacturing exp. Please DM me with any opportunities.

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