People keep sharing tether fud with me now. What do I say to them?

Ever feel like you're on the cusp of soemthing new, but just can't quite put your finger on it? 🤣

Pretty sure I scooped up some of this poor chap's sats the other day.
What an uninformed opinion.

Daily reminder that is nowhere near all time high. Thank goodness for this instance.

Show me a backwards-looking economic model, and I'll show you someone who got smoked from basing their investment stragey on it repeating again.

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@MrHodl My son is studying Hitler and Nazi Germany in school right now.

He was going on about how crazy Hitler was and stuff.

I asked how did this crazy person get all that power. My son had no idea. They left that part out. What a surprise. 😯

My pleb "friends" are now texting me mocking me. "Damn bruh bet you're not feeling good." Literally why do people do this? I didn't brag when it was going up, yet they need to drag me down because I'm temporarily down? Remember these are the people who own USD. Disgusting.

Retooting for all you .
Show some love so I can recreate my account followers :bitcoin:

Ironically, trying to move a few thousand dollars through the banking system in order to buy bitcoin was my little brother's "aha" moment about bitcoin

This move to mastodon is something special. It reaffirms my belief that you can't stop bitcoiners. You can try, but we're just going to run you over.

This is what hypermastodonization feels like

Scrolling through my mastodon timeline I haven’t seen one commie or shitcoiner. I could get use to this!

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