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. @torproject has massive problems. Consensus is broken. This effects everything on Tor also @bisq_network

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Here's a Bitcoin Mastodon experiment:

I'm planning to write and record a new music album, and this time around I want every song to be about one bitcoiner.

So if you'd like to be the subject of one of the 10 songs, start bidding in satoshis.

I'll write and record a song about the 10 highest bidders, and then you can use it for whatever you like. You get an mp3 file, a WAV, and optionally a music video for extra swag.

The offer is only available for bitcoiners on this server.

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If a baker bakes shit, you don't have to chose between:
- asking for the government to initiate violence over the baker if he keeps baking shit
- saying that you love eating baked shit and that backing shit is a smart, noble idea

You can also criticize/opt-out/boycott/compete.

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