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And I repeat. This is what you get with bailouts by and governments .

Central bankers have created conditions for a cataclysmic collapse. They want to fix it by 'hijacking' the and taking away our economic freedoms.

We CANNOT allow that to happen.

What we are witnessing at the moment is not the success of bitcoin - it's the failure of central banking.

This might get ugly so buckle up ladies and gentlemen.

We are on the way.
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Sweet reminder: Bitcoin is currently the 16th largest asset by market cap in the world.


DeFi is BS. (In case you were wondering)
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🚨Scammers stole $8 million this week!!

$6M from Value Defi hack
$2M from Akropolis hack

Defi is anti fragile - with each hack we are getting stronger

This is well done 👇
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Dollars, gold, - which is the best for storing your hard earned money?


All forms of money grow in total value as the global economy grows. What differs is how they do it.

The U.S. prints as many dollars as needed to achieve 2% inflation.

This is fucking cool.
If we reach parity I will retire.

Somewhere on a private island.
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For all the new folks, sats per dollar is also available as live action show:

On Thursday 9th of April 2020, the Federal Reserve announced its plans to inject another $2.3 trillion into the U.S. economy.

If you think that won't impact your purchasing power in USD terms I have bad news for you.

Bitcoin will enable you to choose your jurisdiction freely. It will reduce governments to what they should be - service providers for free citizens.

Switzerland, Costa Rica, Portugal, Malta, Singapore? All doors will be open to attract wealthy individuals.

This is new.

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