Bitcoin does not care about CSW. Neither do I and should you.

When is a company is considered highly indebted and therefore very risky? From the ECB's point of view, this is the case when a company's debt exceed six times its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.


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Leveraged loans will be what CDOs were back in 2009. You heard it here first.

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March 29th 2019: I receive a Letter of Claim from CSW via his lawyers in SCA ONTIER. They give me 7 days to agree to remove my tweets, apologize and confirm in court that I believe CSW is in fact Satoshi.

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1/ The price of Bitcoin is driven by two key factors.

1. Increasing Scarcity (stock-to-flow)
2. Society’s understanding of Bitcoin’s existence

@verretor yeah. Those numbers are impressive and often overlooked...

Costa Rica was always on my "potential citadel location" list due to the absence of a military and its stable political system. Curious how that will play out 👇

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The $600 Stimulus Check is Now Worth:

$782 (+30%)

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The $600 Stimulus Check is Now Worth:

$877 (+46%)

Found this "elephant in the room" gem on YouTube.

Brilliant Draghi trolling 😂.

The migration of btc plebs from twitter to mastodon is staggering.

Welcome everyone!

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No matter what you think of on its birthday, understand that in 12 years it went from nothing, to the 7th most valuable "currency" in the world. This is truly remarkable.🌍

(Note you must use the Monetary Base as comparable money, everything else is simply a claim).

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Since was created 12 years ago:
✅60% of all US dollars ever were printed;
✅66% of all fiat currencies ever were printed (valued in USD);
✅89% of all bitcoins ever were minted.

In one of these scenarios, the word "ever" means the year 2141, and beyond.

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