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The $600 Stimulus Check is Now Worth:

$782 (+30%)

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The $600 Stimulus Check is Now Worth:

$877 (+46%)

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No matter what you think of on its birthday, understand that in 12 years it went from nothing, to the 7th most valuable "currency" in the world. This is truly remarkable.🌍

(Note you must use the Monetary Base as comparable money, everything else is simply a claim).

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Since was created 12 years ago:
✅60% of all US dollars ever were printed;
✅66% of all fiat currencies ever were printed (valued in USD);
✅89% of all bitcoins ever were minted.

In one of these scenarios, the word "ever" means the year 2141, and beyond.

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The $600 Stimulus Check is Now Worth:

$752 (+25%)

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75% of all US dollars in existence were printed after was created.

30th of August 2020 vs today and the time between. .

To cite two famous economist of our time:

"It's going down - I'm yelling timber."
-Pitbull and Ke$ha
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30th of August 2020 vs today.

We are on track. t.co/6y6B0cFZIY

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Market Cap: $11.962 T
Market Cap: $456.33 B

Progress (Bitcoin surpassing Gold)
▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 3.81%

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Digital scarcity can only exist once.

If you believe in
You never understood

I have already contacted a law firm that specializes in class action lawsuits, will keep you updated on the progress here.

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@ledger If any lawyers want to start a class action suit, I’m sure many of us will jump on board. This has just gotten 10,000x worse now.

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is in a supply and liquidity crisis.

This is extremely bullish! And highly underrated.

I believe we will see this significantly reflected in Bitcoin's price in the upcoming months.

Let's take a look at the data.

A thread 👇👇👇

Falling revenues and costly pandemic relief measures have increased global debt by $20 trillion since the third quarter of 2019. By the end of 2020, global debt might reach $277 trillion, or 365% of world GDP.

Yet there still are just 21M .

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