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March 29th 2019: I receive a Letter of Claim from CSW via his lawyers in SCA ONTIER. They give me 7 days to agree to remove my tweets, apologize and confirm in court that I believe CSW is in fact Satoshi.

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1/ The price of Bitcoin is driven by two key factors.

1. Increasing Scarcity (stock-to-flow)
2. Society’s understanding of Bitcoin’s existence

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No matter what you think of on its birthday, understand that in 12 years it went from nothing, to the 7th most valuable "currency" in the world. This is truly remarkable.🌍

(Note you must use the Monetary Base as comparable money, everything else is simply a claim).

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Since was created 12 years ago:
✅60% of all US dollars ever were printed;
✅66% of all fiat currencies ever were printed (valued in USD);
✅89% of all bitcoins ever were minted.

In one of these scenarios, the word "ever" means the year 2141, and beyond.

Tweeted this half a year ago at a price of USD 9.23K per BTC...
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Bitcoin is cheap at the moment.

@remindmetweets 2 years

German real estate financier Allianz offers 0.88% mortgage fixed for 30 years.

Says a lot about the current state of the markets.

Guess they need to get rid of the money in order to avoid negative interest rates... Crazy world we are living in.

Guess the Petro experiment from 2017 did not go so well? "Petro is, backed by reserves of oil, gas, gold and diamonds" 😆

Reads like taken from Sh*tcoin cookbook, chapter 1.

I think Maduro did not get the memo that you need to have an economy first, in order to digitalize it.

Could not have put it better. Happy to be part of this community. Life takes crazy turns some time - it's all about how you face those turbulences...

Hope you did well in 2020 (if you are a bitcoiner you certainly did at least financially) and have a great 2021 everyone.
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My brothers in arms, who I am honoured to have their friendship:

30th of August 2020 vs today and the time between. .

To cite two famous economist of our time:

"It's going down - I'm yelling timber."
-Pitbull and Ke$ha
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30th of August 2020 vs today.

We are on track. t.co/6y6B0cFZIY

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