You can have freedom only if you can move your savings/wealth without restrictions. Only then can you choose the best possible place for you to live. Bitcoin is a tool to achieve exactly this.

It enables you to vote with your feet.

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Hongkong was once a place of hope for people fleeing poverty, political persecution and war. Today, after the police put down the protests and Beijing forced a new so-called state security law on the city, young people are trying to escape from there as if Hong Kong were the GDR.

If you are running a btc merchandise company I got an idea for a must have product. "bitcoin is better" and "use bitcoin instead" stamps for paper notes and embossing tools for plastic notes. 👇
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Plans for the weekend?
I'll start:

Have a great weekend everyone! Take care and keep stacking 👍

Last year @hodlhodl gave them away as gifts at .

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I did not get mine there neither am I affiliated - but I guess those should work.

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100% of the listeners of my podcast are men 🤨- is really so scary to women?

Saudi Arabias debt was just under $ 12 billion in 2014. According to information from the World Bank, it was USD 151 billion at the end of 2018 and more than USD 183 billion at the end of 2019. If oil demand drops further, I see a lot of demand for bitcoin in the middle east...

Thx for 911 follows!

You guys are amazing.

Stay safe and hodl on.

Interesting article by @brian_trollz. But the assumption that all governments globally would (be able to) act in the described manner would require a global consensus to tackle bitcoin . Prosperity would beckon to those govs who violate this treaty.

Imagine hauling 700 kg of gold and silver bars across a border if you can just clip an @Opendime to your key ring 🙈.

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At the border crossing between Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg, officials seized 781 bars of gold and silver worth 700,000 euros. Gold and silver have been confiscated, and the driver of the vehicle will face criminal proceedings.

If a currency is valued only by law abiding citizens it has no value at all because then fungibility is not guaranteed.

Then you are talking about government debt coupons rather than a currency.

A currency MUST be mutually interchangeable without restrictions. Few get this.

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