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Adding money to an economy does not produce wealth.

This 👇
Why does the government still tax people if they can just print money?

Remember kids:

Working and earning money is not necessarily the same thing.

This article is interesting to say the least.

The conclusion Powell draws make me want to stack Sats now more than ever.

Mark my words.

Panic sold after Musks and Yellens comments? This one is for you 👇

Protip: Try stacking instead.

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@BTChap A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

Change your life and you changed one life.

Change someone else's life and you wasted one life.

If you can't relate do you even consider yourself a bitcoiner?

Greedy @DeutscheBank wanted to crank up manager bonuses during "successful" 2020. Its easy to be successful if you receive unprecedented amounts of money from the central banks while average joe is still waiting for covid relief payment. Greedy vampire squids should be ashamed.

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