Old Whalestreet saying goes:
Buy when there is blood in the streets.

Looking at the current macroeconomic realities around the globe I strongly believe we won't see bitcoin as cheap as it is now in the long run.

Prices rising everywhere but btc is cheap? That gap will close and then there is no turning back.

Now Is a good time to get into bitcoin.
Those books are a good starting point for your journey down the rabbit hole.

Some call it Dollar.

I call it Boomer Debt Coupon.

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You know a lot of more „haters“ than I know. If you want you can use the @BTCPriceTag bot ;) That will be funny I think.
Also a big thanks to @BTChap who invented this strong bot!
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Is it this time of the year again?
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Panic sold after Musks and Yellens comments? This one is for you 👇

Protip: Try stacking instead.

Is beard shampoo a thing? Seeing that everywhere...

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Academics on Bitcoin:

"Yes, it works in practice but does it work in theory?"

For everyone using @BTCPriceTag please be aware that you will have to use the word tag in your tweet in addition, to avoid the bot responding unintentionally within a conversation.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of now you will have to use the word "tag" in the tweet where you mention me, otherwise I will ignore your tweet and not respond.

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