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I really like this design. Down the rabbit hole sweatshirt.

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is the new horizon





Money does not exist without people. Think about that the next time someone says that doesn't have intrinsic value.

Russel Okung is on top of it.


Bitcoin creates an exit from the consequences of currency debasement for the entire world.

The next ten years is about the race to get sound money into the hands of every single person.

Bitcoin is the only asset that's in a permanent bull market.

Prices are supposed to be a signal to the market to help individuals navigate how they spend their time, resources and effort.

Manipulating prices negatively affects how a person spends a portion of their life.
Price manipulation is a life tax and therefore profoundly evil.

Bitcoin now a mere 2x away from being worth more than any corporation in the world.
Then it overtakes gold.
And to think some people still own stocks. The mind boggles.

Telling people the truth that they're hoping in the wrong thing is very hard. The truth is interpreted as opinion, hating and fanaticism because it's easy to dismiss that way. The loving thing to do is to press the truth.

Maximalists love fiercely.

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