If you understand Bitcoin and it's history, no amount of fud will shake you out of your position.

Do you really think that if Bitcoin could survive its early years that it would somehow fail now?

Every attack has failed before, each time Bitcoin "should" have died, it didn't.

Think how much more Bitcoin you could buy if you lived in a van down by the river...

When you buy Bitcoin, you are not just investing or saving, you are also claiming your sovereignty against a corrupt system designed to bleed you dry and enslave you.

Went skiing with some old friends today and all they wanted to talk about on the the chairlift was Bitcoin. Normies are getting on board. Hyperbitcoinization is closer than we think.

I had two more normie friends tell me they were stoked to be buying their first sats today. This makes 3 old friends that converted over this past week. They all said my vocal motivation back in 2017-18 helped get them in. Sometimes you have to plant the seeds and wait for a couple years for the leaves to sprout. Tell your friends about Bitcoin, they'll thank you for it someday.

Trump played 4D chess.
The Deep state plays 5D chess.
Bitcoin is playing 2²⁵⁶D chess.

The game's already over, they just don't know it yet.

Normies: Bitcoin crashed, thank God I won't have to get involved with that now. I knew it was a fad. Now I can go back to sleep and it'll just go away.

6 months later: oh shit, Bitcoin just broke $100k. I can't believe that thing's still around!?! I guess I'll look into it now.

One day in, this place feels like a Bitcoin Monastery to me when compared to Twitter, very peaceful and serene. There aren't any nocoiners or shitcoiners or goldbugs with the same tired arguments as ever. No politics. There isn't even anyone that needs to be told to have fun staying poor, we're all Bitcoiners here. I think I'm going to like it here.

It was a good day for buying the Dip and having some cold ones in the trees.

I didn't realize how much politics had encroached into my Bitcoin Twitter feed, it's so refreshing getting back to just Bitcoin again.

It looks like the party's over here now

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