Please make sure that browser using the buggy "Google safe browsing" (like @firefox
) dump it into the abyss...

After many complaints about people installing BTCPay Server about being blocked, we still did not found out the underlying reason.

@alan8325 @BTCPayServer that's a good question... I am tempting to go to brave, but I am shitcoin allergic.

@NicolasDorier @alan8325 @BTCPayServer fwiw (not that much), I've been using Brave on Android for years and never had meaningful problems. I've only been prompted about their token thing maybe twice, and you can just click "no" and that's it.

@waxwing @NicolasDorier @alan8325 @BTCPayServer

On mobile the choice is more limited so +1 for Brave.
Fennec is the privacy oriented version of Firefox from F-droid:
On desktop @k3tan rightly pointed to:

@openoms @waxwing @NicolasDorier @alan8325 @BTCPayServer @k3tan

Maybe I am the weird one but I've switched over to Edge o both android and desktop. It's been excellent honestly.

@21forest @alan8325 @BTCPayServer while it fix the problem for me, it does not fix the problems of customer of merchants which are warned during checkout that the website is malicious.

@NicolasDorier @21forest @BTCPayServer Maybe they should be warned that if they use browsers that signed up with GSB they will get fake malicious website warnings and it’s recommended they switch browsers.

@NicolasDorier @alan8325 @BTCPayServer I tried the demo link on firefox + GSB and it loaded fine:

Do you have a link where GSP gets in the way?

@21forest @alan8325 @BTCPayServer yeah, some server are blocked, other are not, there is no rule to that, it's fucking random.

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