Anyone ever ask you how, why, or since when has Bitcoin been a Store of Value? Show 'em this:

Why should I stick on Facebook if they're doing what they're doing? Why should I keep giving them data, when data is their business model?

Because they've shown what data they don't want. They banned The Free Thought Project. They banned CopBlock. They unpublished independent journalists...

So if this is what they seek to ban, it's because they want to sanitize their platform. And that's where everyone who could be a corrupting influence has power.

Inundate them. Be the bigger storm.

Unpopular opinion: bcash is the best thing that happened to Bitcoin

It has been a very bad execution of one of the most dangerous attacks Bitcoin could receive. Thanks to its inevitable failure, now also other better executed internal attacks are very likely to fail, increasing the robustness of Bitcoin

Naomi's done it again... Although I am firmly in the camp of pronouncing HODL as "Hod-l," not "Hoe-dl."

Finally releasing the first episode of my animated series exploring common Bitcoin topics from an approachable (and maximalist πŸ˜‰) POV.

2000+ Bitcoiners here w000t!

Damn centralization πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Bears are trying to get us below $5800 tonight... Best game in town.

For those not following the market, if they win tonight, we could go much lower. But if they can't break the 5800 line, we'll very likely never see these prices again and you can expect a lot of buying tomorrow.

How much control/power has a Mastondon instance owner? Looks like there is still little verification going on.

@nvk can you toot in my name? You have my permission to try.

Bcash hit 0.08 of a BTC yesterday.

I think we need some kind of betting pool for which price Roger will give up on BCH at.

0.001? 0.0001? He'll have lost so many millions by then it's almost not funny.


@BTCLuke Ha! I have had a Mastodon account for 2 years I am so glad to see YOU on here! :) Who knows what will happen but I have to say, it's like going back in time 5 years ago. Pre-alt/shit coin, ICO, blockchain, etc. Stoners, philosophers, programmers, hackers & artists. So much WOW. ;)

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