That’s okay, I have no interest in buying a Chevrolet

GM has no interest in following Tesla and investing in bitcoin

Got a buddy to buy is first sats today. He's set up for weekly DCA as well. There are still A LOT of nocoiners out there, so keep preaching.

CSW is so far deep into the Satoshi lie that he'll have to ride it down with the Titanic. Ain't no going back, nor would anyone forgive him. Douche bag.

Profits? Huh???

“Gold off 2-week high as investors book profits”

Love hearing all the tough talk from shitcoiners. Won’t hear a peep when they all start dumping. Soon.

My “emotional” side says hyper bitcoinization now! The “logical” says gradual NgU. Anyone else having this constant mental battle?

Great insight/perspective from @martybent in today's The Bent


Brazil researchers now say China's Sinovac vaccine is 50% effective overall

Translation: “Bitcoin is a threat to our ability to control money and our citizens. Therefore, we need to control it”.

Can't remember which of you guys mentioned Snowden's book "Permanent Record", but I'm just half way through and definitely a worthwhile read/listen. Looking forward the rest.

Haven't been on Twitter today. Can't remember the last time i went 2/3 of the day without jumping on. I don't really miss it either.

Unfortunately, our desire to have two day shipment to our doorsteps has come with consequences.

From Glen Greenwald's letter today:

"But today, if you want to download, sign up for, or use Parler, you will be unable to do so. That is because three Silicon Valley monopolies — Amazon, Google and Apple — abruptly united to remove Parler from the internet, exactly at the moment when it became the most-downloaded app in the country. "

Hyperbitcoinization is going to catch everyone off guard regardless of how much or little btc we have. Lots of debate on whether it’ll be good or bad. I hope it’s more “gradual” than “sudden”.

Fuck Coinbase:

“Spot market sell off started around $38k, then Coinbase partially failed, not registering buys, causing its price to go $350 lower than others, this pulled down the index price that futures exchanges use to calculate leverage funding, wrecking bearish havoc on speculative markets.”

Got a buddy who dropped a big chuck of money in BTC back around $10k. Texted him today asking what he thought of the drop. His response “I’m looking for $50k”. Hell yes!

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We cannot rely on Tor if this environment turns more adversarial. Feels like a major weak point.

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