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Just borrowed money for the first time 😶

Thinking about a small mining setup for no KYC bitcoin. Want to understand the economics.

Willing to loose ~15% as I currently pay a premium for no kyc bitcoin.

Who should I talk to for advice?

Just got on Keybase. Anybody in the Keybase bitcoin group?

Epic quote from @mattodell on @tftc

“Social media can ban the president of the United States, the so called most powerful man in the world, but we can’t ban the least powerful man the world with bitcoin”

Fucking EPIC

Bitcoin just as governments think they are about to get away with 2020

Biden is going to pump bitcoin so fucking hard.

CNBC shilling the corn harder than ever today

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Free advice for the class of 2020/21...listen to the Maximalist who warn you to not to invest into crypto Shitcoins

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What will hit 50k first?

What will hit 50k first?

I only use Twitter to shill bitcoinhackers. I suggest you do the same

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Which iOS app do you like the best so far?

(If not listed please comment!)

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