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Man, the crazy stuff coming from bcash is now my favorite internet soap opera. It is all baffling.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo

Immensely impressive and intense looking game. Truly next gen. A combination of DeuxEx-like First Person Shooter with the RPG elements of The Witcher 3 in an open world city a la GTA V. Sure looks like the future. The bar of expectations for GTA VI just got a lot higher. Finally Rockstar Games has some worthy competition. It could not be better that such competitor happened to be Cd Projekt Red.

THE Google+ Bitcoin Community now has 59,000+ members. And has now seen well over 70,000 registrations.

All of this while remaining new user friendly, free of spam and scams since 2012.

from @mastodonusercount

1,496,887 accounts
+136 in the last hour
+3,576 in the last day
+88,198 in the last week

Woah! Almost 1.5M accounts? Incredible if accurate.

Umm. Gab now has 570K+ users. I thought it had more but given its growth pace. Could still get to 1M users by year end. By then I will also try to count up how many users Mastodon manages to grow to. Right now I just know it is around 1M.

IF goes crazy and removes engagement meters on tweets from being visible along with follower counts on profiles. They might as well admit defeat and close up shop. Because that would destroy it faster than their selective censorship and politicking is already doing so.

Has happened a few times. People asking me to explain to them the last 2 years of Drama. I seriously have to tell them that I cannot do that for free. What is surprising is that a few have agreed to pay me to explain it. Takes me anywhere from 30 to 90 minutess to do so.

So..Mastodon Social users nickname would be:

Mammutidae, Mammutok or just "Tooter"?

I don't know. I don't think I like any of the choices. I will pretend there is no actual proper nomenclature possible for it. 🤔

I just learned that steemit has 1.1 million registered accounts. No wonder it is still going.

I will never use it out of principle simply because of the Dan Larimer association.

But I can accept that I was wrong on thinking it would die off or zombify within 18months of it existing.

Ok. so, it seems that Mastodon has around 1M users. That is not as bad as I thought.

60% of them seem to be from Japan

15% from France.

25% from the rest of the world.

I dislike the Mastodon interface. It is like a really clunky and mediocre Tweetdeck Web knock off.

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