@vjy Hey! which Vijay? There were two I remember.

If it is syncing properly. Which right now don't seems to be the case as my last post if seen from here is from 4 days ago?

The groups feature is back in Gab. Meaning The Gab Bitcoin Group is back: gab.com/groups/1898

But if you don't want to also join gab you can also get my bitcoin posts from there just by following my Gab account from here on BitcoinHackers:


Having this Mastodon Instance ID going forwards will be a good way to compare the upcoming divergence in terms of features from what Gab is doing to what Mastodon has. And in case this instance is actually kept up to date. Also check what Mastodon decides to copy from Gab.

I must say that I missed that "high engagement from the let go" experience like the one I had in G+ the first 3 years. Only possible when home streams are not algorithmically weighted and filtered. And it is exactly my experience with the new Gab. Surprising as it is not going to be back into full form when it comes to feature set until like 14 days or so.

@TallTim Yes. They do never mention the actual address.

@TallTim if you mean from where the instance is based? gab.com and then they also got a few ones with other domains for live testing. And one for development.

@TallTim what do you mean what is their instance? of who?

I must admit that the Gab vs Mastodon drama may still give me another two weeks of entertainment. As I am really shocked by the level of hysteria it caused on many Mastodon Devs and users. Some now are even quitting mastodon. Which is pretty much declaring defeat whether they are aware of this or not...

So, Gab did it. They launched on the fediverse based on Mastodon and since they brought in 1M users. Gab is actually now the biggest Mastodon node by far. Another thing is that I calculate there are now at least 25 apps across Windows10, Windows App store, iOS, OSX, Android and Linux that can connect to Gab. So, there is that. What is also interesting is that over time Gab will be the most featured Mastodon Node Site. Given they are also porting in all the features gab had and adding new ones.

@TallTim Yeah. They are truly insane in believing that 1.- All 1 million users on gab are nazis or fascists + 2.- Andrew Torba being seen as a really dangerous man because he believes in Free Speech that is willing to use Open Source Software to enable it. Those points seem to be the most common. Also it is a way to be able to be on App Stores. Unless Apple and Google specifically issue a clear dev rule against gab or ban and take down any app using Activitypub.

@Sosthene Considering that Gab is pretty much just like Twitter used to be previous to 2015. I find that whole "everyone who I don't agree with is a nazi" kind of thinking to be extremely dumb, intellectually deranged and counter productive. Specially since because of size you can still find 100x more offensive people in Twitter than on Gab.

Kind of funny to see gab forking mastodon and then seeing mastodon devs getting all mad about it. With many on a campaign to block gab. I find it hilarious.

@TallTim Yeah, it is what it is. That is why on the long term. The first alternative network to reach 10M users which is what I consider is the minimum of user adoption a company has to get for a chance to go mainstream now will not be Mastodon. And even in the case Mastodon were to reach that mark. Because of how it works, It will not enjoy the same promotion and network effects any of the other companies can get.

@TallTim Problem is how Mastodon works. In a sense it is like only being active within a Minds/Mewe/Gab group. U have an account that lets you post to all of the network. But the visibility is only for what you post in such group. Right now surprisingly MeWe got twice the registrations of Mastodon. Minds is around the same as mastodon supposedly. And I would not be surprised if gab eventually also caught up to Mastodon too thanks to it also running Dissenter. Mastodon = Same problem as Diaspora.

So, 3000 people registered to BitcoinHackers but only 300 use it? Sounds accurate. I am also guilty of not using it more.

Well, The Minds Bitcoin Group just jumped 75 new members in a day. That's nice. Now third biggest and most active Bitcoin Focused group. And I do think I can make it number 1 within its first year. So, if anyone here is on minds. Check it out. minds.com/groups/profile/91836

Umm, Mastodon has hit 2M users? I guess it is indeed getting somewhere.

Bitcoin Transactions via Ham Radio? Neat to see it becoming a thing now. It was one of the many things people mulled over about doing back in 2012. Another one was dial-up. Which back then did worked. Now? It probably would only work with a heavily pruned listening-only node.

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