@TallTim well, those in mstdn(.io) and mastodon(.)social cannot saw my posts or replies. But some people in Bitcoinhackers that follow my Gab account do seem to be able to see my posts from there. So, I don't know.

@berkes I read their GitHub release notes and issues track. My conclusion is that it was overhyped by those into federation. I remember two people telling me it looked excellent. PixelFed looks to be like 1 year away to being good enough. And at the same time it being able to federate properly. I do find it shocking it don't federates. It is not doing anything beyond what any fediverse development does. I am confused by it.

@berkes Oh really? That's both sad and funny. So much for them being "one new great thing" for the fediverse.

@Sosthene @htimsxela @TallTim @verretor @harding @orionwl @laurentmt @stevenroose @fribbledom @liberliver @emzy @waxwing @raucao @vbhide @pjb @taoeffect @kukks I just realized that many of you might not be seeing my replies over at Gab. If you are in bitcoinhackers and you don't see them. then bitcoinhackers has blocked gab or an update did and that is not been checked on.

Gab Code Divergence From Mastodon Continues With:

- Post Editing!
- Improved Post Image handling
- Joined in date indicator in profile
- Profile Badges

So, I think it is fair to say that gab is now superior to regular vainilla Mastodon.

Of course that so far the biggest feature differences are Groups, Quote posting and Editing. But the other small features here and there apart of UI differences do add up to improve the general experience.

@Sosthene I see your point. And I bet this rationale is why it is not a feature on Mastodon.

As an aside. They even got a keyword filter in search. I saw Gab devs mentioning that because of the way search in mastodon is done. They would have to redo big part of it. In the case of DM's. Gab Devs decided to redo that completely and make them encrypted more like how DM's are on Minds. They also have to partly redo trends.

@Sosthene But when someone really hates someone. They usually not retweet directly but screenshot tweet that person and even add an archive link. As that ensures the quoted tweet cannot be removed or blocked and the source tweet and person can also be linked through a bridge page. So, I don't think not having the feature solves anything against actual hate. It just removes a lot of normal conversation and discussion. However, If you prefer to avoid that feature, that's fine.

@Sosthene @TallTim Interesting. Not blocking anything unless necessary. If this had happened to my Gab account. Maybe I would. But as far as I know. It cannot happen as Gab itself would block it right away.

@Sosthene So, you would like it if Mastodon had the feature or you like it don't has the feature? In terms of quote posting.

No, Twitter does not has groups either. I doubt they would be willing to add such a feature.

@TallTim That's different. This seems like a new thing. I had never seen it happen on Mastodon. But I guess it was inevitable. Even if dumb as using an unique instance to do it makes it easier to block.

Also, just to be clear. I didn't do anything in particular that may have caused the freefedifollowers instance to target me. I have no clue why they chose my account and why they decided on giving me 2000 follows.

@lukedashjr umm. Well, whatever it is. Someone is testing it via an instance called freefedifollowers.

@Sosthene Groups works but it is still needs several updates to be a well rounded feature. And yes. Quote posting has its own button but it is just like a retweet with a comment.

What in the world?? I got like 2,0000 follows from bot accounts in a day in here. Anyone else experienced the same thing?

Gab feature set divergence versus Mastodon has started to become significant. Apart of groups and longer post length (3000 characters). It now has quote posting. Now I am only waiting for editing and the main features I wanted and needed will be all there. I now just wonder what Mastodon Devs will copy or redevelop next. Or if they will not given how direct it is the new features association with gab.

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