Heh, as a test I generated a LN payment request for 25 cents from tallyco.in/AvatarX/ and paid via the cash out function in tippin.me/@AvatarX from a tip I received.

All done in 15 seconds by C&P'ing from a tab to another while in browser.

Neat stuff.

100,000 is now the total membership sum of The Google+ Bitcoin Community (62,000+) and The Facebook Bitcoin Group (38,000+)

TFBBG: facebook.com/groups/TheBitcoin

All while seeing well over 125,000 registrations so far. At the same time both have remained free of spam, new user friendly and actually Bitcoin focused.

/r/bitcoin has reached 1,000,000 subscribers. And it is no doubt well deserved. I am glad to have been the second most active mod in it on 2017 when it was most needed. But no doubt that BashCo is the MVP. Has been for a long time.

THE Google+ Bitcoin Community now has 59,000+ members. And has now seen well over 70,000 registrations.

All of this while remaining new user friendly, free of spam and scams since 2012.


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