@Sosthene @htimsxela @TallTim @verretor @harding @orionwl @laurentmt @stevenroose @fribbledom @liberliver @emzy @waxwing @raucao @vbhide @pjb @taoeffect @kukks I just realized that many of you might not be seeing my replies over at Gab. If you are in bitcoinhackers and you don't see them. then bitcoinhackers has blocked gab or an update did and that is not been checked on.

@TallTim well, those in mstdn(.io) and mastodon(.)social cannot saw my posts or replies. But some people in Bitcoinhackers that follow my Gab account do seem to be able to see my posts from there. So, I don't know.

@AvatarX @TallTim bitcoinhackers does not block Gab.

I know, because I asked the admins to do so, and an admin replied they will not. It's good that is clear.

I did, however block gab(ish) servers on account level, and I can imagine many others might have done the same.

@berkes @AvatarX I'm curious why you'd ask the admins to block gab if you already knew you had granular control on your own account.

@TallTim @AvatarX I could not find that personal blocking.

Also, that was the time that a group of Gab(ish) users were actively searching out other users and 'mobbing' and harrassing them.

I don't mind other opinions (esp. When I can ignore them). I do mind about safe spaces, targeted harrassment, and bullying.

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