What in the world?? I got like 2,0000 follows from bot accounts in a day in here. Anyone else experienced the same thing?

@AvatarX I think I saw someone suggest servers enable mod approval on new accounts because of this. (@nvk didn't want to do it here)

@lukedashjr umm. Well, whatever it is. Someone is testing it via an instance called freefedifollowers.

@AvatarX Nope. But I have blocked a lot of instances that were spamming way back.

@TallTim That's different. This seems like a new thing. I had never seen it happen on Mastodon. But I guess it was inevitable. Even if dumb as using an unique instance to do it makes it easier to block.

@AvatarX @TallTim it already happened with another instance called weedislife, you can just block the whole instance for yourself that's what I'm doing

@Sosthene @TallTim Interesting. Not blocking anything unless necessary. If this had happened to my Gab account. Maybe I would. But as far as I know. It cannot happen as Gab itself would block it right away.

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