Gab feature set divergence versus Mastodon has started to become significant. Apart of groups and longer post length (3000 characters). It now has quote posting. Now I am only waiting for editing and the main features I wanted and needed will be all there. I now just wonder what Mastodon Devs will copy or redevelop next. Or if they will not given how direct it is the new features association with gab.

@AvatarX quote posting, like retweet with comments you mean? That's one of the thing I like with Mastodon 🙂
How are groups working?

@Sosthene Groups works but it is still needs several updates to be a well rounded feature. And yes. Quote posting has its own button but it is just like a retweet with a comment.

@AvatarX @Sosthene groups work quite well. They're kinda like subreddits so you don't need to follow everyone or search my hashtags.

@AvatarX what I meant was the *lack* of quote posting is something I like with Mastodon, wasn't very clear sorry. Does Twitter have something equivalent to groups? I don't use this kind of feature

@Sosthene So, you would like it if Mastodon had the feature or you like it don't has the feature? In terms of quote posting.

No, Twitter does not has groups either. I doubt they would be willing to add such a feature.

@Sosthene But when someone really hates someone. They usually not retweet directly but screenshot tweet that person and even add an archive link. As that ensures the quoted tweet cannot be removed or blocked and the source tweet and person can also be linked through a bridge page. So, I don't think not having the feature solves anything against actual hate. It just removes a lot of normal conversation and discussion. However, If you prefer to avoid that feature, that's fine.

@AvatarX my point is not to prevent people hating each other on social media, I couldn't care less, it's just that Twitter business model relies heavily on people being outraged and fighting other shit, and I feel that not having quote posting allows for less pointless arguments and outrage. Yes as you point out you can still screenshot tweets, but it is cumbersome.

@Sosthene I see your point. And I bet this rationale is why it is not a feature on Mastodon.

As an aside. They even got a keyword filter in search. I saw Gab devs mentioning that because of the way search in mastodon is done. They would have to redo big part of it. In the case of DM's. Gab Devs decided to redo that completely and make them encrypted more like how DM's are on Minds. They also have to partly redo trends.

You should block all instances outside of gab.@AvatarX

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