The groups feature is back in Gab. Meaning The Gab Bitcoin Group is back:

But if you don't want to also join gab you can also get my bitcoin posts from there just by following my Gab account from here on BitcoinHackers:


If it is syncing properly. Which right now don't seems to be the case as my last post if seen from here is from 4 days ago?

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@AvatarX Looks like my gab profile is not syncing anymore in this instance. I don't know why.

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@vjy Hey! which Vijay? There were two I remember.

@AvatarX maybe old one.. because I don't remember any Vijay there. :)

@vjy Well, I think I know which one you are. But remember. In G+ I had 17K followers and TGPBC had 63,000 members at the end of 80K registrations. I was not trying to disrespect you. It is just that cannot track just by name alone. But I saw what pic you used and the name. I am quite sure I would remember.

@vjy After thinking about it. Lets see if I got it right. You had sunglasses in your G+ picon?

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